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Marine Parade
Dover, CT16
United Kingdom

This website is for people wanting to train to swim the English Channel.

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What to bring

Here’s a list of things that you should consider bringing with you:

  • Money for parking
  • 2 swimming costumes – in the early weeks everyone will be doing 2 swims, relay swimmers will always do 2 swims.  It’s important when exiting cold water that you remove your wet costume so you’ll need a dry one to put on in its place
  • A swimming hat.  Please note that the CS&PF and CSA only permit one hat on a swim – so you should only train with one hat.  If you are training for a solo (or equivalent) you will need to wear a red hat.  If you are training for a relay, you will need to wear a yellow hat.  NB Aspire relay swimmers have a separate arrangement for their formal training days.  You can wear any red or yellow hat that you like.  If you want to buy a CS&PF one, Irene will be delighted to sell you one.  If you want to buy a Dover Channel Training one, I will be delighted to sell you one.
  • Goggles.  It might also be worth considering bringing a spare pair too, just in case
  • Earplugs – this is a personal choice.  I personally find that earplugs make a huge difference to how I handle the cold.  Sometimes cold water in your ears can make you a little disoriented. 
  • Suncream – essential.  Even with limited sun, being in the water for an extended period can lead to really quite nasty sunburn if not protected.  Even with suncream you’ll see some amusing hat and goggle lines.  Be sun smart. 
  • A warm hat – essential!  It makes a huge difference.  DO NOT TAKE OFF YOUR SWIMMING HAT UNTIL YOU HAVE A WARM HAT TO PUT ON IN ITS PLACE.  CS&PF and Dover channel training hats are available to buy on the beach.
  • A towel that you can change under on the beach or something like a dry robe.
  • Lots of warm layers – you will need to wrap up warm after each swim, particularly in the early weeks.  T-shirts or base layers, hoodies, socks, coats etc.  CS&PF clothing and Dover Channel Training clothing is available on the beach should you wish to buy.
  • Gloves – these can be beneficial in the early weeks especially
  • A bag big enough to put all your stuff in.  Ideally this should be waterproof, if it isn’t, please bring a bin bag to put it in.  Rain is a common feature of our training.
  • A watch – we need you to be prompt getting in and out of the water and coming in for feeds (soloists)
  • Crocs (or equivalent).  Unless you are one of the few people who can walk on pebbles, something that can be worn in the water will save your delicate feet.  Barrie will often throw your shoes to you whilst you are still in the water to make exiting easier.  Flip flops can be hard to negotiate with cold toes.  Crocs are ideal.
  • A warm drink or money to pop to one of the many coffee shops in Dover.  It’ll all help you warm up.


We will provide:

  • Vaseline
  • Feeds for soloists (for during your swim)