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Marine Parade
Dover, CT16
United Kingdom

This website is for people wanting to train to swim the English Channel.



This website provides information about the Dover Channel Training Group which was established in 1982 by Freda Streeter.  Hundreds and hundreds of swimmers have trained with the group and gone on to do successful solo and relay swims of the English channel and many other swims around the world.

Train with us and you'll have access to decades of experience and will be amongst like minded people.

You’re standing on a beach near Dover, it’s pitch black, you look out into the distance and notice the moon sparkling off the water, the lights of passing boats in the distance. You raise your arm and hear the horn from the boat as you step purposefully into the water, excited to take the first stroke to finish the adventure of a lifetime
— Together we can do this, Emma France


Dover Channel Training was established in 1982 by Freda Streeter.  It has grown from just a couple of swimmers to hundreds each year.  Many hundreds of wannabe channel swimmers have trained with the group and gone on to successful solos or relays.

Channel swims aren't the only things that people who swim with the group train for.  There are lots of other notable swims like Catalina Channel, Windermere, MIMS, Round Jersey etc.  If it's long and open water, you'll find great support.

Why not come along and join us, you'll be amongst like minded people.

It is important that you understand that this isn't a club, it's a group of like minded people swimming together at their own risk.  It will be assumed that you are already a good club standard swimmer.  Please note that there is no safety cover in the water, the group looks out for each other and you swim at your own risk.

We run on a volunteer rota basis.  The link below shows you the rota, get in touch to volunteer for a session, every bit of support helps.


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Join the volunteer rota and see who is volunteering each weekend.


Don't forget YOUR swim hat

You'll need a red hat if you're joining the soloists, a yellow hat if you're joining the relay swimmers or a purple hat if you're swimming just for the fun of it.  You can use any hat, but if you need a new one, why not try one of ours.