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This website is for people wanting to train to swim the English Channel.


From time to time a blog post will be added.  Please let me know if you would like to write a post.

5th June 2016

Emma France



Where did the weekend go? - it disappeared in a flash. Well done to everyone who swam, I remain impressed. We took the opportunity that the good weather gave us to ramp it up a lot this weekend. 

Yesterday I had a little fun and decided to give a few swimmers a little extra swim, what I wasn't expecting was for some of those pre-selected to ask if they could stay in before I got the chance to ask!! Everyone who was asked stepped up - well done. I wonder who will be next?!.....

There were too many impressive swims to call them all out. To highlight a few we had numerous relay swimmers making their 2 hour qualifiers, our first 7 & 6 back to back from Deirdre, Guy Ridley turning the 3 hours set into 6, and many many swimmers swimming longer and further before. 

Barrie & Irene

Barrie & Irene

Because we've ramped it up, inevitably some found it physically and / or mentally tough - it's supposed to be, you're training to swim the channel (or similar). If it was physically hard, treat yourself to a massage - recovery is an important part of your training. If it was mentally tough - this is great training - better now than on the day - learn what you need to learn from it, draw a line and realise that you are now stronger because of it. 

See you next week :-)

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