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Marine Parade
Dover, CT16
United Kingdom

This website is for people wanting to train to swim the English Channel.

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The Group

Details of the training group and where and when to find us

Where to find us


There is plenty of pay and display parking along the harbour front and a limited amount of free parking on a Sunday behind  the green.


This training group dates back to 1982 (and beyond).  In 1982 Alison Streeter (Queen of the Channel) was training to swim the channel and her coach moved overseas.  Freda (Alison’s mum) took over.  At that time there were just a few swimmers.  Over the years people approached Freda and asked if they could join in and she welcomed all with open arms.  The group grew from just a few to the hundreds that we see today.

The philosophy remains the same, we are a group of like minded people that train together.  This is not an official club or association.  There’s no constitution or membership criteria, no committee or bureaucracy, we welcome anyone who respects the nature of the group and would like to train with us.  You will not be coached on how to actually swim.  We look out for each other and are our own safety cover. 

The beach crew are all volunteers who do this to help you achieve your dreams.  Please remember that. 

Many hundreds of wannabe channel swimmers have trained with the group and gone on to successful solos or relays.

Channel swims aren't the only things that people who swim with the group train for.  There are lots of other notable swims like Catalina Channel, Windermere, MIMS, Round Jersey etc.  If it's long and open water, you'll find great support.

Why not come along and join us, you'll be amongst like minded people.



Training starts on the first May Bank Holiday weekend each year.  Training takes place every Saturday and Sunday until the end of the season (normally end of September).

It is really important that everyone starts together so that we can keep track of how long everyone has been swimming for, when you need feeding etc, etc.  Each year there are people with a string of excuses as to why they can’t do 9am, if you choose to come along later, you will be swimming independently of the group, i.e. we don’t mind watching your stuff whilst we’re there, but we won’t give you a number, tell you how long to swim, feed you or count you in and out.  So if you choose to swim independently of the group I’d ask that you wear a different colour hat (i.e. not Red or Yellow).

Training location
Dover Harbour

Training dates & times
Start:  Beginning of May
End:   End of season (typically end of September)

Times quoted below are the time for your toes to hit the water, please arrive early to sign-in, get ready and attend the briefing.

Start times:  
Saturdays:  9.00am
Sundays:    9.00am

Watch out for location and time changes to give you experience in a variety of conditions.  Alternate locations are likely to include Ramsgate & Hythe.