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This website is for people wanting to train to swim the English Channel.




The medical is a requirement for many long distance endurance events including the English Channel solo and relays, and also for very cold water events.

The purpose is to ensure that there is no obvious serious risk to the swimmer’s health during the event. 

More widely, it also provides an assurance to the swimmers’ family, training group, support crew, swimming team, pilot and swimming organisation.

Most medicals are straight forward.

The main reason they will occasionally not be signed off on the day is a high blood pressure reading. Bringing readings from home is acceptable and may well make the process easier.

For very cold water swimmers, the ECG provides some assurance that their risk of a heart event is low. This is not normally needed for long distance swimmers unless there are risk factors or a history suggesting that more tests are needed.

The medical also provides an opportunity to address individual medical issues related to swimming, and to discuss risks and possible solutions. 

Many swimmers will use their own GP for this service though you can use any medical doctor. This is not generally something that is offered as part of their NHS responsibilities and as such is considered a private appointment and you are likely to face a charge for this service. You may well also have to wait for an appointment so factor this into your planning.

Some people find that their GP does not choose to perform these services. If this is the case a private GP is also an option.

Mig is a a long distance swimmer and GP and has developed an interest in providing swimming medicals, and would be happy to be contacted by swimmers if you need this service in the coming year.

Mig practices in Cambridgeshire. He can provide the service during working hours, evenings and at weekends, and will consider travelling eg. for groups or relay teams.

This year he has carried out medicals for the English Channel, North Channel, Jersey swims, Gibraltar and Winter World championships. 

He has additional sports medicals insurance. 

His fee is £80 ( £10 extra if an ECG is necessary). Members of the Dover Channel Training group benefit from a 25% discount. 

Dr. Mig Arbide

GMC 4106412


Tel: 07549 931958