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Marine Parade
Dover, CT16
United Kingdom

This website is for people wanting to train to swim the English Channel.

Dates & Altered Sessions

Details of any cancelled or altered sessions will be shown here.  Typically these will be due to events taking place in the harbour.

Rowing Regatta
4:00 AM04:00

Rowing Regatta

The Dover Rowing Regatta will take place in Dover on 9th June.  Whilst it's fun to watch, we won't be able to swim at the same time.  

As a result we will start our swim at 4am and swim into the sunrise.  There is an optional short swim starting at 8am.  We must be clear of the water by 10am.

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End of season BBQ and last training day
9:00 AM09:00

End of season BBQ and last training day

To avoid the invetiable fading away of the season as you all do your swims one by one and then go back to your normal life I thought it would be nice to celebrate all your achievements with an end of season BBQ.

We'll swim, as usual, starting at 9am and then have a BBQ at lunchtime.

On this day anything goes (unless you're still in serious training!).  Bring inflatables, fins, whatever - just have fun.  You can even wear any colour hat (I know - how will you cope!) and choose how long you do!!

This will be the last training day for 2017

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Change in training time & location
2:00 PM14:00

Change in training time & location

Strong winds from the SW on a spring tide and the timing of high water mean that Hythe is not a good choice of training location for tomorrow.  I've checked to see if piling is going ahead tomorrow and it seems it is but it may not impact swimming.

As a result, training is moving to Dover with a start time of noon or 2pm.

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Seminar - Medical
7:00 PM19:00

Seminar - Medical

Speaker:      Nick Murch


This session will be of most use to soloists and their crew.  

Channel swimming is an extreme sport, things can go wrong.  This will help you learn the difference between those things that you can adapt your approach for on the day and continue the swim, and those signs that indicate that the swim should be terminated for the swimmer's safety.

Some things that you may want to learn more about:

- when does cold become hypothermia?

- is sickness an issue?

- what is SIPE and how can you see the signs?

- Pain relief - should you take it before pain to prevent it or only if/when you are in pain?

- Jellyfish stings - are these dangerous?

- What if you can't pee - is that an issue?

- Salt mouth - what's that all about?

I'm sure you have a million other questions!



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Seminar - Mental Preparation
7:00 PM19:00

Seminar - Mental Preparation

Speaker:      Cliff Golding

Mental Preparation

Cliff Golding delivers inspirational and aspirational talks to corporate clients and educational establishments.  Cliff's inspirational talk is based on his 20 years experience in open water swimming and, in particular, his personal journey in becoming an English Channel swimmer.  He has completed marathons, ultra marathons and trail races, cycled from John O'Groats to Lands' End and climbed Kilmanajaro.

Cliff will be talking about the fear of failure and about the mental preparation required to achieve achallenge as daunting as a solo Channel swim.  You can expect to hear snippets from real swims, real annecdotes and a personal refelction on his journey.


Speaker:      Emma France

Neuro Linguistic Programming
Emma will give a brief explanation of what NLP is and how you can use it to get into a high performance mindset.

Emma will also explain why you will have received a domino when you registered!

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Seminar - Musculoskeletal issues / Ask a pilot
7:00 PM19:00

Seminar - Musculoskeletal issues / Ask a pilot

Musculoskeletal issues

Speaker:  Paul Massey

Firstly how to prevent issues.  Should you experience musculoskeletal injuries, what's the best approach to treating and restoring full function again? 

As a channel swimmer and physiotherapist with extensive sport related experience, Paul will share some of his top tips.


Advice from a pilot

Speakers:  Neil Streeter & Stuart Gleeson

This session will be more of an informal chat, no stand up presentation.  These are the sorts of things we'll cover, feel free to come armed with all your questions.

Choosing your crew

- How many do you need?

- What experience do they need?

- What is the role of the crew?

- How to work with the pilot and their crew?


Boat Facilities

Learn about what you can expect to find on board


Kit for the day

Less is more!  Learn what you really need to bring and what you should leave at home.  More about this next week.....


Weather, tides, start times, etc....

Your chance to find out what the arrangements for the day will be.  Use the opportunity to ask all those questions you're dying to ask.  Let's demystify the arrangements.

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The first weekend of training is Saturday 29th April to Monday 1st May (note change of times)
to May 2

The first weekend of training is Saturday 29th April to Monday 1st May (note change of times)

Training starts 2.30pm Saturday 29th April.  Due to construction work in the harbour training times and locations are impacted. Details are as follows:

May (all training in Dover Harbour)

Saturdays: start 2.30pm

Sundays: 9am

Bank holidays:  9am

June onwards - Saturdays will change again

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to Sep 4

M20 Closed

M20 Closed this weekend

Following on from the M20 road closures last weekend caused by a bridge collapse, the M20 is going to be closed again this weekend for further repairs.

The M20 will close at 8pm Friday and not re-open again until 6am Monday.

So if this is your route to Dover you will need an alternative.

I'll be travelling down after work on Friday to avoid any potential congestion.

Good luck!!

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to Aug 21

Severe weather warning

Dover is due to be hit by severe weather this weekend - both wind and rain.  Training is still on but will inevitably be adapted to the conditions.  Please bring a bin bag for your kit if your bag is not waterproof.

Dover Channel Training and CS&PF merchandise will still be available but will be left safely in the cars.  It would be helpful if you could pre-order to make things easier for the beach crew.  For Dover Channel Training goodies please order online at, for CS&PF goodies please let Irene know what you want.  

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Parking restrictions on 23rd July
7:00 AM07:00

Parking restrictions on 23rd July

Dover Regatta day is on Saturday 23rd July.  There will be NO parking permitted on the sea front at all that day. 

Please arrange to park elsewhere, for example behind the green or further into town.

As a result of this, we will only be bringing minimal kit onto the beach.  So if you wish to buy any CS&PF or Dover Channel Training goodies, it's worth either doing that another day or letting Irene know what you want in advance or for Dover Channel Training stuff, pre-ordering on-line.

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9:15 AM09:15

BLDSA Champion of Champions

The BLDSA Champion of Champions event takes place on 18th June in Dover Harbour.  Their course will be towards the Prince of Wales Pier (opposite end to the ferries).  

Training will still take place as normal, we may just have some restrictions on the area that we are able to use (though these are minimal).

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